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Saturday, November 29, 2008

It's DONE!

With help proofreading from family and because my dh brought meals to me, our vacation book is complete! (and submitted @ CherishBound before the deadline!) I don't want to post every layout here, so here's one of my favorites:
Now I have lots of new templates with room for story--can't wait to share!

PS. If you missed CherishBound's sale, remember the deadline to get books in time for Christmas is Dec 9th. That's only if the book is less than 71 pages. More and you need to allow another week.

If Christmas isn't your deadline, keep working. The Five Buck Friday (hard binding for $5 instead of $12) happens about once a month. And historically there is a sale near the end of January for Yearbooks. Problem is, once the sale is announced, there isn't enough time to complete an entire book--unless you are well on your way when it is announced. So get going!

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