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Monday, November 24, 2008

Memory Spark Monday: What was your relationship with your grandparents like?

Remember that you don't have to answer the question completely. If the spark reminds you of a specific story--all the better. Share the story in all the detail you can remember!
The vinyl on the seat of Grandma ’s Ford was hot to my bare legs as I climbed onto the front bench. The bagger put the groceries in the back seat of the car and Grandma fished through the bags for our treats before climbing in next to me. Grandma loved the taste of an orange creamsicle ice cream bar. My mouth would water as she peeled back the gold paper wrapper. She unwrapped one for me and one for herself. We licked and slurped all the way home as the warm air blew in our faces from the vent—there was no air conditioning. She patiently helped me lick to keep the melting treat from dripping all over my lap. It was a fun treat I remember sharing with Grandma more than once on the way home from “town”. It always seemed she was happy to have me around.

Today's spark courtesy of Jessica Sprague's Stories in Hand class. What's your story?

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