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Monday, March 9, 2009

Describe your hometown…

I had a hard time answering this one in paragraph format, so I decided to just make a list of things I love/remember/enjoy about my home town.

Running around barefoot on the sod fields in the twilight waiting for the fireworks to start.
Cuddling under a polyester patchwork quilt, sipping slushies, watching the men’s softball game—cheering on our dads.
The sweet smell of freshly cut alfalfa, the pungent odor of freshly spread “sunshine”.
Knowing your neighbors—yes, everyone in town, and how everyone is related to everyone else.
Hiking Trenton hill the Saturday before Easter to roll your eggs down the hill. Cheering when the shell and whites fall apart, but the little yolk bounces on and on.
Riding your bike up to the park to catch the bus for summer swimming lessons.
Mosquito repellant and calamine lotion.
Waving as you pass the 12 yr old driving the tractor down the road.
Squinting through the clouds of smoke to pick out some penny candy at Merrill’s Market.
Toilet papering houses with your best friend while her Dad goes inside to “do his home-teaching”
Chasing frogs along the ditch bank.
Going to the CO-OP to get a pop.
Living in Trenton is in my blood: both of my parents were born and raised in this tiny little farming community. In 2007 I proudly added my name as a permanent resident when we built our home…in my home town.

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