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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Did you make that kit to go with that picture?

The seagulls saved us. They were fascinated by the grapes and Cheetos that the kids dropped on the floor. Then Daniel threw a grape at them. They fought over it! Soon all the kids were throwing food. At least it was entertaining. Bear Lake is COLD in the evening in mid May. You see, we’d come to Bear Lake to get the “perfect family picture.” Something that exists only in my mind, but after reading several photography books, I was convinced we could do it. However, since I’m the photographer and I don’t run fast, I asked my sisters (and their families) to come help us. Unfortunately the State Parks people told us the sun sets at 6 pm so there we were with 2 hours to kill, on a beach, with a picnic dinner—BUT YOU HAVE TO STAY LOOKING PERFECT!The seagulls really did save us. All the kids had their suits, but only James and Alyssa braved the cold water. James put a chicken bone on his head and crouched low in the water to see if they would come take it from him. Alyssa scattered Cheetos around her in the water. (scrapbook pages from 2006)

We were thrilled when the sun finally went down. Thrilled and shivering. Katie helped me pose everyone and I fiddled with the camera settings, then she worked the camera while Linda and Mom dove in and out touching up things. Then a different pose. Then different clothes and a couple more poses. Our teeth were chattering, but I hoped we’d managed a few salvageable images. (the one that hangs in my bedroom)

Actually they turned out great. Although I don’t look any skinnier a photograph than I do in real life. My favorite was the holding hands one. I blew it up 20x40 and had a special frame made. Then when we built our home, I decided to decorate my room based on that photo. Seaside, seashells, New England beach cottage.
So when the Design Star Contest rolled around, and there was a kit suggestion of “beach, but not beachball/flip-flops” , I thought my bedroom was a perfect inspiration (and source of “stuff” to extract). So I guess in a round-a-bout way the answer is yes. The photo inspired by bedroom which inspired my kit. (More of my favs--

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