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Monday, March 16, 2009

Memory Spark Monday: Talk about your driving habits

It might be about your first fender-bender, your first traffic ticket, or getting your license. Tell us your story.
Two weeks before high school graduation. I was late getting home for Mom to give me a perm. The light was red, so I’d taken the shortcut behind Smithfield Imp and was quickly headed west. A little too quickly. Apparently I got from zero to 55 miles per hour in the short three blocks to the railroad tracks. He didn’t even turn on his lights, just pointed to the side of the road as I raced past.
One ticket. Most of my friends had several. I paid for it myself. At nearly 18 years old, I considered myself quite independent and responsible. But the juvenile court system didn’t. Turns out that one ticket put me over the “70 point” limit and my license was to be taken away. Fortunately, the probation officer had pity on me—I was nearly 18 (technically past 18 by the time it crossed his desk) and I had only ONE ticket. I got probation for a year instead.

What's your story?

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