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Friday, January 16, 2009

Fabulous Friday

When he asked what I wanted for our anniversary, I told my DH that I wanted TIME. Lately work and being a wife/mother/homemaker has been overwhelming. I GOT IT! He gave me coupons good for--things I normally do that he would do so I could have a break. I used the biggest one today. He is taking our son to the doctor (two hours away). Including the LONG time @ the doctor and drive time, he gave me 7 or 8 hours!!!! Awesome husband! I'm choosing to ignore everything and spend the day on stories!
Technically he also got me a cleaning lady, so I don't even have to feel guilty for ignoring everything. She doesn't keep the house uncluttered, I do, but since I have to keep it uncluttered for her to be able to clean, it's looking pretty good.

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