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Monday, January 12, 2009

Memory Spark Monday: Smells

Pick a place from your past that has a unique smell. Tell about it.
The smell of Sky View High. Although I hadn’t been in the main hallways in a few years, and haven’t walked the hallways daily for many years, when we stepped inside the “old” portion to work on Dad’s classroom, that familiar odor hit me like ___________(still trying to find what fits here best)
What warm smells like after riding with Dad to school on a below zero morning.
What excitement smells like on the first morning of summer marching band practice.
What nervous smells like on the first night of the school musical.
What sadness smells like on the last day of school each year.
What jubilation smells like as the basketball team defeats Mountain Crest.
What happiness smells like at graduation.
What apprehension smells like on my first day of student teaching.

It’s a combination: chlorine from the indoor pool, cleaners, dust from the heating/cooling systems, paint, floor polish—it’s hard to describe, but it smells exactly the same way it did __(not telling)__ years ago when I walked the halls as a sophomore.

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