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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The County Fair

With the booth completed, it was finally time to enjoy the County Fair (and the end of Tom’s visit). We decided to go to the rodeo on Thursday night. The ENTIRE family. We had just got there, found seats, and got food for everyone when the rain started. Now this is Utah, it can’t rain very much or for very long, right? WRONG! We sat in the off and on drizzle for maybe forty five minutes. Then the downpour hit, and we took off. We found shelter outside the gate under the front of a horse trailer. Everyone went home—everyone except Emily who was determined to stay. She crawled under the bleachers and sqatted to watch for a half an hour, then once the mutton-bustin’ was over, much of the stands cleared and we could find a spot under the roof. Dave and I sat cold and wet while she watched the rest of the rodeo oblivious to the rain.
Friday we enjoyed the midway. All day passes meant the kids could ride forever. Marky loved the rides even more than last year. This year his favorites were some jets that went up and down as they went around the circle. He grinned and grinned. On the few rides he couldn’t go alone, the girls took turns helping him. He even got to ride on the ferris wheel with Natalie. Yummy corn on the cob, dutch oven chicken and taters, and funnel cakes finish out the evening. I LOVE this tradition!

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