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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wre-vise, Wre-write, Wednesday: more details

Ok, so this may be part of writing the first draft--maybe not. After you've written, when working on a story, keep asking yourself questions that will connect and draw you further into the story and its context, like:
What year was this? How old was I?
Who else was there?
What do I remember about how I felt? The mood in the air?
What else (context) was going on in the world or in my family at the time?
Why did we do this thing?
What else can I remember about what my life was like at this time?
What is the strongest single thing I can remember about this?

Use the details you come up with to revise your story. Remember you don't need to include everything, but something you find here may help with the introduction, the transition, or the closing.

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