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Monday, December 8, 2008

Memory Spark Monday: Name 5 things that are in your fridge right now

Syrup: both in a container and stuck to most of the surfaces including the door handles. On Monday night I made “Cottle Breakfast” for my family for dinner. I don’t make it very often, so I overshot on the amount of syrup we would need. My husband hates to “waste” anything, so he’s been slowly using it—but it drips and drizzles and gets all over EVERYTHING!
Oranges: I always look forward to around Christmastime when oranges get cheap enough I can buy a case for my family to eat. As a child we had oranges every winter. One of my favorite memories is when before bedtime my dad would fill an (empty) ice cream bucket with oranges and sit with a butter knife and peel oranges for us to eat until we could eat no more. We keep a few in the fridge so we don’t forget about the case in the garage.
Raspberry Cheesecake Yogurt: my new favorite flavor. As a child I HATED yogurt—tasted like someone made jello out of pee, I used to say. After working at the USU Dairy Laboratory I developed a taste for fine yogurt. Now I try to eat a serving each day. In the past few years my favorites are Western Family Pina Colada, Yoplait Blueberry, Apple Turnover, and now Raspberry Cheesecake. It’s not as good as the Dairy Lab, but I have developed a taste for it.
Milk: although sometimes there isn’t any. During the week we often drink very little—especially if we are busy and Dave is out of town. Then everyone is around all day on the weekend and I go from 1.5 gallons to NONE by Sunday afternoon. Dave LOVES milk—I can go for several days without drinking it and not notice. I love water.
Firewater: What’s left of a pint of Iggy’s firewater. It’s like a thin marmalade with a kick. Wonderful on warm bread. We fell in love with it while eating out, and bought our own jar—but we don’t have bread with our meals too often. I was hoping that owning the firewater would motivate me to bake more bread. It hasn’t yet. We keep the serving bottle in the cupboard and the rest in the fridge.

You can learn a lot from this list: I went to USU and worked in the Dairy Lab. My husband hates to waste food and can put away a LOT of milk. We go out to eat and I'm not so into homemade bread right now. I'm nostaligic about food.

What's your story?

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