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Sunday, January 9, 2011

CT Spotlight: Fran

Sam here presenting to you another talented member of Chelle's team. If you're a frequent member of ScrapMatters, you'll recognize Fran (Fran98765) right away. She's all over the SM forum and gallery, creative teams, and a member of the site CT. She can crank out LOs like there's no tomorrow...quantity with quality to boot! :) Get to know her a bit more with these questions:

1) How did you get into digiscrapping?

Oh gosh that's forever ago. I paper scrapped and a friend at church told us about it and I thought it was so silly, even though I loved being on the computer. I tried it and didn't like it. Then I tried it again a couple months later and here I am now over 4 years later!

2) A short bio about yourself

I am a stay home mom. Before the kid I worked at a hospital doing psych intakes. Kinda like when they call for a psych eval on doctor shows, that was me. I learned that my town is full of druggies and alcoholics. Anyway, my son Sam is turning 8 on the 12th, so we're busy planning birthday stuff for him. I don't feel like cleaning this year, so we're going to Chuck E Cheese! Woo! We like to travel a lot, usually to Disney World.

3) What can't you live without on your pages?

I'm a flower junkie! Even though most of my pages are about my son, I need flowers!

4) Where do you get your inspiration from?

It depends. My son can be a bit wacky at times, so I usually take his photos and that inspires me to document that. Other times I will get a kit to work with and ponder it for awhile and boom, find some inspiration and it all comes together.

5) Do you struggle with anything when scrapping a LO?

Really pink kits. For the obvious reason of not having girls in my house. Except the cat. And she takes lousy photos.

6) What's your fave color? Sea green for my color.

Snack? Nothing really stands out in snack land but I love me some Diet Pepsi!

Movie? I don't really watch tv or movies (I'm weird that way) so I couldn't say.

Music? Music hmm I love church music and broadway music. I used to listen to popular music but since moving to hicksville, the radio is fairly lacking in entertainment, so I'm way behind the times. I do still love 80s music though!

7) What would you do if you won the lotto?

We've been talking a lot about lotto tonight, there's a big drawing here for $350 million tonight. We don't usually play, which makes it really hard to win! But if a big pile of money fell on my house, well, I'd buy a new house.

8) A little known fact about you?

I eat salad with a spoon. lol

Here's a few of Fran's fantabulous LOs:

You can check out more of Fran's works of art in her gallery.

Till next time...

1 comment:

  1. i wanted to email you, but your blog doesnt have a contact you, or email posted.. so this is the only way to get through i suppose, hopefully you see this.

    i tried contacting scrap matters twice now, with no response.
    i purchased one of your kits, Street Smarts, downloaded it, and went to extract to only have a pop up come up saying "there is already a file with that name".. even though there isnt.. but i changed the names, and still got the pop up regardless.
    i have had this problem before, when the designer compressed the kit using a MAC.. which i noticed this kit was as well since it has extra files in it for MAC..
    we couldnt figure out a way to fix the problem other than someone who uses a PC compress the files instead.

    like i said, i contacted scrap matters twice now without a response, and i reeaalllyy needed that kit for my son's birthday, it's perfect!!! but i need it ASAP!!
    please tell me you can help me!!!!!

    thanks so much, Natasha!