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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Template Tuesday

OK, so I've read a bunch of posts about the 4-shared/virus thing, and it's my understanding that if your virus protection software is up to snuff, there is no problem. Nevertheless..I can't be held accountable.
Here's lucky template #13: (image is linked)And my version:

The story: Girls camp started VERY early one morning with a service project of painting the T on Trenton Hill. Natalie cleaned off one rock, carefully painted it, then turned around and sat down on it to paint the next rock. She is so silly! Her favorite silly moment was as they were passing Newton Dam EARLY in the morning, she commented, “I didn’t know Clarkston has a reservoir?” The girls, and leaders, teased her about it all week. After they enhanced the T, the crew headed off to Twin Lakes. Natalie loved being dragged around the lake while riding the tube with some of her best friends, Teanna and Tori. The tube was made for one or maybe two, which is why she kept falling off when they would hit a swell! She also gave knee-boarding a try, but preferred the tube. Thirty six hours later she returned home—and slept for 36 hours.

The Supplies: Walking on Sunshine by Amanda Thorderson; string from Tango Bango by Melissa Bennett; felt stitched alpha by dani mogstad;

I liked this LO, but it didn't "sing", so I tried redo-ing it:
Among other things from the last credits list, I used some items from one of my kits: Let's Camp S'more. While I LOVE the colors in Amanda's Walking on Sunshine kit, this LO focuses more on the story and the photos--they really stand out!

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