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Monday, February 1, 2010

Memory Spark Monday: Sports Time

Hello, It is Liz and I am bringing you this week’s Memory Spark Monday.  In case, anyone didn’t know, next weekend is the Super Bowl, which is the championship for American football.  Many of my memories as a kid and as an adult center around sports.  While I am not a big football fan, I did go to a lot of football games.  I was in band and therefore was required to be at all the home games in college.  During that time, I learned about football but more than anything I made great memories with my friends.

When I got older, I really got into baseball and I happen to be living in Boston at the time.  My parents happened to make plans to come out to see me in Boston in October.  At the point, the Red Sox were in the World Series and about to sweep the St. Louis Cardinals.  I sat in my parents’ hotel room watching the game with my dad and trading stories and commentary as well as yelling at the TV.  The Red Sox won and we watched the rolling rally together the next day. It was a wonderful moment and we talk about it to this day.

When I met my husband, I had never watched a hockey game in my life.  He was an avid hockey fan, particularly the Phoenix Coyotes.  So naturally we went to a few games.  It was a blast watching the action and eating the food.  We still go to games on occasion and love taking our kids to them too.  It has become a family event.  Here is a layout I did about the time we went and they didn’t have my husband’s favorite food, Macho Nachos:


I used Food For Fans, which is Chelle’s newest release. I would have you think about how sports has impacted your memories.  Perhaps you were the star of the team or an avid spectator.  Think about it and scrap the memory.  Have a great day!

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