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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Memory Spark Monday is Back!

Hi, everyone! Becca (becca372) here with my very first blog post as a member of Chelle's Creative Team (and the very first post by one of her CT members, eek!).

Chelle wanted to bring back Memory Spark Monday for all us, so I'm here with some memories of my own. A lot of things have come together to get me thinking about today's topic. First of all, today is my mom's birthday. Additionally, we've spent a great deal of our summer going through old family memorabilia, including letters my grandmother wrote just after having her first child, and photographs of my other grandparents with their children. I've also spent a lot of time thinking about all the stories behind those photos, all the moments that have been lost or forgotten. It makes me sad, and it drives me to scrap more, to scrap the important, to scrap the mundane, to scrap the sad and the silly. So, in honor of my mom's birthday, today I want you to take some time to really focus on one good memory of your mom (or a mother figure) in your life. Even if the relationship hasn't been the best, there's always a moment, somewhere, that holds a spark of love, silliness, adventure, or sweetness. I have all of those memories, but I want to share this one...

Last week, we were eating dinner with my parents, and my two year old daughter threw some of her food. I proceeded to tell her that we did NOT throw food at dinner time...and then flashed back about 15 years to dinner in that same dining room. Our family always ate dinner together, and, as always, mom had prepared us a nice healthy meal-meat, vegetable, grain...and mashed potatoes. I don't remember what brought it on, but suddenly, my mom raised a mashed potato laden fork, and sent her potatoes flying across the table. That one throw turned into a full fledged food fight, potatoes zinging across the room. Our family finished that meal giggling and giddy with the craziness of it all. I've never seen my mom behave in such a way since, but it's a memory my sisters and I all treasure.

So, what's your memory? Think about it, maybe write it down, maybe even scrap it. And stay tuned here for more ways to spark your memory.


  1. great memory!! makes me think of a bunch of good memories to scrap, tfs!

  2. Becca, that is a great story about your mom...sounds like a fun dinner!