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Monday, August 31, 2009

Memory Spark Monday

Krisi here from Chelle's CT here to bring you this weeks Memory Spark Monday. On my own blog every Monday I do what I call Mom's Monday Memories, this is basically a picture review of the week. I keep telling myself I am going to focus more on the story each week, but time never seems to permit. Even if each photo says something to me, if I don't write it down no one will know what is says.

When you look at a photo (that you were there when it was taken) lots can be said about that photo. Did you know that if you focus you can re-hear what was going on, or smell what it smelled like at that time (either the person or the air or even you). Think about what else was going on when the photo was taken? Kind of like a mini movie - what part of the "movie" does the photo belong at? Your feelings about the events going on trigger different memories than that of someone else who may have been right there with you.
Here is the photo I am going to use - one that was taken just this week, but I could have easily chose one from 20 years ago and done the same activity.
This photo was taken during a visit with my Aunt Sarah. She stopped by for a little visit before going out to eat with my mom and grandma. Both of my girls LOVE to color, I love to watch them do their thing, it is so exciting to see them growing up and doing things on their own without constant help. As I view this photo I can smell a few things, crayons (that waxy smell) as well as a new air freshener I had just plugged in and was way to strong, and I wanted to go unplug. I can hear quiet for just a moment as they are so engrossed in their coloring they are not saying a word. The silence was interrupted by the discussion with my aunt continuing (not a bad thing). My aunt was only there an hour and the first part was spent with the girls eating on the lollipops she brought them, so seeing them sit so still and quiet was amazing! Shortly after this my aunt left and the coloring continued.
One photo with so many pieces of the puzzle that no one would know if it wasn't written down for them to read. I challenge you to find a photo you have taken or were right there when it was taken. This photo could be recent or could be from when you were younger. Then I want you to think to yourself how does this picture make me feel? What smell can I smell when seeing it? What do you hear when you see the photo? Where in the movie does this picture fit?
If you chose go farther with this lesson feel free to blog your photo and your answers to these questions or even create a layout with it please leave a comment with your blog posting/gallery link so we can check it out and leave you some love.
Happy memory making, and remember to focus on the story.

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