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Monday, September 14, 2009

Memory Spark Monday

Hi, this is Liz bringing you this Memory Spark Monday.  I know when it comes to scrapping we tend to focus on the happy moments of our lives. Weddings, birthdays, new babies and other such events. And while, these events are great moments and certainly worthy of being documented, the not so nice moments are just as important too.

I thought for this Memory Spark Monday I would focus on moments of fear and apprehension. For me specifically, graduating from college and preparing to enter law school. I always lived at home during my college years. My school was only 30 minutes away so I didn't see the point of living on campus.

But then I graduated and got accepted to a law school in Boston. A city 3000 miles away that I had never visited and had no friends or family in. I was scared out of my wits at the thought of moving. I remember breaking down into tears the months leading up to it and the few weeks living in my new apartment. I was afraid of the unknown and of failing without the support of my parents.
But I survived and grew stronger and more independent having lived on my own. I learned valuable life skills that I could not acquire if I had continued to live with my parents. Basically I grew up.
I would feel that same crippling fear other times in my life, usually right before a life changing moment in time. I made a page expressing some of those feelings I had right around my graduation and how I feel looking back on it. Here it is:
So take some time this week to reflect upon a time in your life when you were faced with uncertainty, fear or apprehension.  Think about how you felt in that moment and what effect, if any, it had upon your life.  Remember that the unpleasant moments can make good layouts as well.

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