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Sunday, December 12, 2010

CT Spotlight: Breon (breeoxd)

I have the pleasure of serving on a couple of CTs with this talented scrapper. She's got quite a variety of styles, from single to multi-photo, layered and clustered to clean and simple, busy pages to lots of white space, she's done it all! Just check out her gallery and you'll see how unique her pages are.

Without futher ado...I present to you Breon (breeoxd)!

1) How did you get into digiscrapping?

I was a paper salesman for some major art and craft chains, which meant I was on the road for 3 weeks a month or so. I was passionate about paper, and scrapping, but packing up my giant rolling totes to take to my hotel rooms took it's toll on my creativity ( and my back!!!) Then I saw my boyfriend's twin doing work in Photoshop and it hit me- "hey, that would be good for scrapping!" A week or so later I had a layout I was proud of. A magic moment!

2) A short bio about yourself

I'm a 29 year old pharmacy technician thats studying for my national certification. I live with my boyfriend of 5 years in VA with our cat, Theo, and our new puppy, Max. In my spare time I scrap, run, and surf the net lookin for rare nailpolish. What can i say, it's and obsession! haha

3) What can't you live without on your pages?
Lots of paper! And paint splatters. And texty grunge stuff :) Basically, anything that makes a layout look more realisitic.

4) Where do you get your inspiration from?
Templates, for sure. And colors! I love color! Other than that I like to lift other great scrappers, and magazines.

5) Do you struggle with anything when scrapping a LO?

I sometimes struggle with making my layouts all feel original. After over a 1000 layouts, I sometimes feel like it's "all been done", so I need to step away for a little bit, sometimes a few days, and just wrap my head around some fresh ideas.

6) What's your fave color?
Color varies, usually deep and dusky tones, like reds, teals, grays, mustard yellows. Yeah, grey and yellow is really doin it for me lately.
Snack- pretzel m&ms, and diet coke. I am a big foodie so I eat alot!
My fav movie is Love actually.
Music is mostly popular indie type rock like Placebo and HIM.

7) What would you do if you won the lotto?

Pay off all my student loans, take a cruise, get a pharmacist or nursing degree, and buy a house for my hardworking honey. And of course, finally print out all my layouts for once!

8) A little known fact about you?

I feel bad for brusied and rotted veggies and fruit at the market. I know it's wierd but i just can't help it. That, and I once sang the role of Christine in the Phantom of the Opera at the Magic Kingdom!

Hope you got to know Bre a bit more and get inspired by her awesome gallery! Here are some of my personal favorites:

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