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Monday, October 19, 2009

Oooops! I Almost Forgot!

It's Memory Spark Monday! No, really, it is! Just a little bit late is all...

Becca (becca372) here with your latest round of memory sparkage. I love Memory Spark Mondays, it always gets me thinking about things...and today, well...today I was so busy thinking about everything in my life that I forgot to do my blog post until just now. You'll all forgive me for that, right? I promise, I was busy with important "stuff" (aka my niece's first birthday party, my dad's 55th birthday, a busy two year old, and a baby girl who just might have reflux and is starting meds. Fun times!

Anyway...all this busy going on, and me forgetting the Memory Spark made me think...How in the world do I keep track of everything? How can I be better organized so that I don't forget things? At school(work, I'm a teacher), I have a million sticky notes. Only problem is that they get moved around...and then I lose what I need to remember. So now I'm on to baggies...All over my classroom...baggies of things I just can't lose...haha, it may be working a *little* better. At home, there is no organization, just mass chaos. Must get this under control.

So, for memory spark Monday this week, I want you all to take some time to record how you remember not to forget things! Do you do the old "tie a string around your finger" trick? Use a day planner? Does your cell phone remind you of everything you need to do each day? Do you do like one of my co-workers does, and call your home phone to leave a message so you'll remember to do something ("June, don't forget to get the chicken out of the freezer!). Is your way the most efficient, and how can you improve it? Did someone you know have an odd way of keeping things/keeping track of things? Think about it, Write about it, Scrap about it...And remember the details of today will create the memories of tomorrow. And now, I'm off to scrap...if I can just stay organized!

1 comment:

  1. Too funny! I have 16, that's right 16 post-it notes around my computer screen reminding me of everything from passwords, to ideas for my next kit, to itunes songs my dd12 wants me to download. LOL!