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Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Memory Spark

Rachelle (yes there are two of us...the designer and the creative team member) here with my very first post. I do have to apologize for being late with this post…so I’m going to make it short. As the New Year approaches we all start thinking about how we are going to reevaluate our lives or what resolutions we can make. For me January has been those things but it has also been about spending time with my family. My grandmother’s birthday is at the end of January and for as along as I can remember we’ve always did something to celebrate with her. We may have met at someone’s house or we may have met up at a restaurant but we were all together to celebrate her birthday. There is not one family member who doesn’t think the world of my grandmother. I’m always amazed that all families aren’t like ours. As an adult I treasure the time I spend with my family, especially my grandmother. As the end of month nears I’m getting excited about the time I will be spending with my family. I can already hear all the noise from everyone talking really loud to the children running around. My challenge to you is to think of a person who you treasure. It could be your parent, grandparent, or a friend. Whoever it is take time to think about how they have affected your life.

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