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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday Standouts & CT Spotlight!

Happy Saturday Chelle fans!

Stacey with the latest CT spotlight and standouts!

Our CT spotlight is on the Fabulous Karen (aka merchi)!

Here's a little bit about Karen, in her own words...

I am a Christian, wife, homeschooling mother of seven, and "Nonnie" (grandmother) to three. I have never paper scrapped, tried and couldn't do it...weird, but true. I discovered digital scrapping in the fall of 2008 (two years ago!), and Scrap Matters shortly thereafter. I have tried my hand at design also, but found it hard to balance that with the rest of my life. Since family is my priority, I have set designing aside for the time being. This summer, we graduated the last of our oldest 5, and now have just two little ones as home, my daughter 7, and my son 6. I also love to read, do various hand crafts (cross-stitch, knitting, crochet, tatting, etc.), sew outfits for my girls and teach others to sew.

What is your favourite product from Chelle?

I would have to say her Celebrate kits! They are SO versatile, and fun - I love them...and with 7 kiddos and 3 grandchildren, I have ALOT of birthday photos to scrap!

I asked Karen to show off her favourite pages made with Chelle's goodies!

My Beach Babies LO - I love the white background with all the bright colored papers...and Chelle's way-cool banner strung across it!

I also asked Karen a couple of questions!

Do you prefer all your layouts in a bound book or single page pages printed?

I have had 5 books printed...two 12x12s and 3 8x8s...the larger ones are great because they're so easy to see/read...but the small ones are better for little hands! I've yet to print my pages individually.

You are famous for your double layouts, do you have any tips/tricks to share to make it easier for those who struggle with them?

Thank you! I'm not sure "famous" is the right word! lol It was shortly after I started digital scrapping that there was a Saturday Special at ScrapMatters talking about thinking ahead to when you print your pages and have them put in a book. The author of the post was talking about the flow from one page to the next - I remember thinking, yes! And then looked at the pages I had done and thinking okay, this page can face this one, etc. to get some flow. Then I realized if I did that, the chronological order would be compromised... ugh! That would really bother me! lol It was as that point that I began doing double pages and now rarely do a single.Sometimes I might start with a single, and then when it is 3/4 of the way done, I expand the canvas and do the second page, finishing them together...other times I start with the full two page canvas and get my papers down (or my template/s) then finish together. When I started doing two page, I mostly made the papers on both sides identical...now I know I can have different papers of each side, as long as I keep the continuity - which isn't hard if you're working from one kit.Things that I think about while doing a two page, are the same things you might think about when doing a single, just on a bigger scale... for instance horizontal line...if I have that line on one side, maybe I'd like vertical on the other side? If my cluster is in the top outside corner on one side...should the other page cluster more on the bottom outside? If I have a border on one side...should the paper under it carry through to the other side? I try to keep my pages realistic looking, as if they were paper scrapped...so I think about how a paper scrapper would work on a bigger canvas. I'm not sure those answers are very helpful, but I hope so...and I'm willing to answer anyone's questions should they have them!

Ok, now onto our gallery standouts!

Chelle's gallery has got some fabulous LO's (as usual) and in no particular order here are my standouts for the week!

Snips and Snails by QuiltyMom

Ticket to Ride by jeffsamber

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  1. Great layouts! Nice getting to know the 'talent' here.:)