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Monday, November 16, 2009

Memory Spark Monday

Hey there Chelle's readers! It's LoriBear here to bring you a memory spark for today! I know that for alot in the States you all have Thanksgiving coming up and this is a HUGE holiday there and in Canada although we celebrate ours in October LOL Yeah we get our goods first..nah nah nahnahhhhhh! LOL As I was cooking my meal this year for the family I thought back to all the times when I was a child and we had dinner with our HUGE family.. The kids were at a small card table and the adults at the BIG table and I just remember how awesome those were with the my cousins and aunts, and uncles, my grandparents (who have now all passed) and my gosh those were the days! Its actually sad that we dont do this anymore My cousins all have their own families and are doing other things, my aunts and uncles are now doing there own thing and of course I am doing the meal now for my parents and brother and my family. Although I have carried on the exact menu which includes Turkey & stuffing, rolls, mashed taters, mashed turnip, and all the fixings I think back to those days when our family (even all the extended family) would come together for this holiday! You Memory spark today and you can choose to scrap it if you wish is to think back to those days ... Did you do the Thanksgiving parade?? Do you still?? What about your Thanksgiving menu?? Do you still use the same as when you were a child or is it something totally different now? Is there a Thanksgiving tradition you wished you had still carried on?? I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving as I wont be on the blog again until after its done! So Happy Thanksgiving, eat lots and ENJOY your families to the max!!!

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